“Tough” is the word of the day.

Tough trails. Tough weather. Tough bikes. Tough riders. Talk about falling asleep with cookies in your mouth. I didn’t think it was possible. Today has been really tough as far as the weather. How do you train for this experience? Especially when you live in a flat coastal region? There is variety of experience levels and I’m already better prepared for what to expect after three … Continue reading “Tough” is the word of the day.

Staying Up to Date

These are the links we’re using to stay up to speed with where the racers are at. Jeff isn’t using a SpotTracker so hopefully he will be able to call in once he crosses the border. Visual of the location of the racers: http://trackleaders.com/tourdivide14   Call In site: http://mtbcast.com/site2/category/td14/ *The racers are using this site and one other to call in and leave messages on … Continue reading Staying Up to Date